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Top Tips to Reuse Your Tins

Here at The Shortbread Company we are all about committing to minimal waste. That’s why all our packaging is reusable or recyclable. One of the main storage items we use is our closable tins to ensure maximum freshness for our luxury shortbread, these tins are recyclable, but we have thought of creative ideas to personalise your tins and give them a new purpose after your shortbread is all gone.


Whether you choose to colour them, paint them, redecorate them in your own way, reuse or recycle your tin to prevent unnecessary landfill waste! Below are some quirky ideas on how you can give your tins a new life:


Handy Drawer Organisers:

There is nothing more irritating than having overfull drawers and not being able to find what you’re looking for. If this sounds familiar, why not create little organisers from your tins? Simply decorate with paints, paper or a bit of arts and crafts and store away your items to make looking for them a whole lot easier next time. Not only is this convenient it also looks super organised!


Use as a First Aid Tin:

Whether it’s for the house or in the car, or even on the go whilst you’re out and about, first aid kits are a necessity, especially with young and fearless children to care for!
Our tins are perfect for storing your First Aid items, the size of them is perfect for easy and convenient storing. Fill it with sterile wipes, plasters and all the other bits and pieces, and keep it stored somewhere handy.


Keep Things Fresh!

Our tins are sealed with a lid, therefore making them PERFECT for storing away ingredients, especially those which come in annoying non-sealable packaging. Think an easy way to store your rice, pasta, flour and sugar. In todays reusable storage society, you can skip the plastic and take your tin to fill up at your local health food store, sustainable and practical!

Keep Your Desk Clutter Free!

Our tins are a perfect way to keep all your bits and bobs in. No more searching through your desk for loose paperclips, or risking someone stealing your favourite pens, simply store them away neatly and out of the way for a convenient and clutter free work day.


A Keepsake Money Box:

We all have loose change hanging about, why not turn your tin into a homemade money box to store it all away. Keep collecting those coins and watch the cash mount up! You’ll be surprised at how quickly it adds up.

A Tool Tin:

Our tins are perfect for storing away bits and pieces, especially things you often misplace and need the most. Why not use them to store in your tools?

A Retro Plantpot!

Image result for plant pot biscuit tin(Image:Pinterest, Plantas & Co)

Make your tins sustainable and environmentally beneficial, use them to plant small flowers or your mini herb garden! Homegrown mint is perfect for summer mojitos, or indulge in a homemade herbal tea to accompany our delicious shortbread.

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Just Don’t Bin Them!

Whatever you choose to do with your tins, don’t throw them in the bin! Tins are recyclable and reusable, here at The Shortbread Company, we hate waste and want to make our products as sustainable as possible, which is only possible with your help.