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Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight

September brings two weeks of celebrating Scottish cuisine - everything from Angus beef, whisky, and our favourite, shortbread! Scotland’s food and drink industry generates around £15 billion and this fortnight functions to operate and appreciate the work of farmers, distributors and retailers.



The earliest form of shortbread appears to be a type of ‘bread biscuit’ in the 12th century, twice baked and made from leftover dough and sweetener. Though it wouldn’t have been as sweet as our own delightful recipe, as sugar was hard to come by back then.

Over the next few centuries, shortbread evolved into a real luxury treat and was even enjoyed at the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, who particularly enjoyed petticoat tails. The dough itself contained more fat and was harder to work with, which is where the ‘short’ term comes from. 

As flour, butter and sugar were sought-after ingredients, shortbread became an extravagant treat, reserved for celebrations such as weddings and the famous Hogmanay at New Year’s. These traditions are still in place today, with many Scots and tourists alike enjoying shortbread around the world. 


Who’d have thought shortbread was such an old biscuit? Here at The Shortbread Company, we provide luxury gifts for any celebration, including corporate and wholesale. So what are you waiting for? Celebrate this Scottish snack this fortnight!