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Mini Grab Bags Vs Kitchen Cupboard Shortbread?

One of the recent questions we were asked was, what is the difference between the Mini Grab Bags and the Kitchen cupboard Shortbread


And that my friend is a really great question.

While both shortbread are delicious, tasty, moreish, melt-in-the-mouth, use the same recipe and come in different flavours, not to mention they cost the same, the weight is the same, both are a great gift and you’ll love the taste of each shortbread product.


The difference is you! How you prefer to indulge, how you love to eat your treats.

Let’s take a look first, at reason you might want Mini Grag Bags of shortbread or Larger ones.

Grab Bags

Do you like to nibble and take your time,  making your treats last longer. Watching your weight perhaps? So you want a treat but not too much all in one go. Do you prefer mini things to dunk? Or one dunk = one bite on a smaller scale?

Mini Grab Bag - All Butter Shortbread


Kitchen Cupboard

Do you want a real size piece of shortbread that you can take big bites, or break in half and dunk into your tea? The packet won't last you as long anyway, so you want to make the most of it all in one sitting, maybe two. Or is it because you just want a bigger biscuit?

Milk Chocolate Shortbread

So while both are very similar the difference is you and your personality, we made them with you in mind! How you eat them is what matters.

What will you choose!