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Our Story

From the Beginning

Before Shortbread

A few years before The Shortbread Company began trading, I asked my daughters who were 4 and 5 at the time to give me a possible name they would one day use for a cupcake business when they were older, they told me the name and it was Sweet Bakers. 

Every year or so I would ask them to remind of the name they had made up for their cupcake business. My initial intention was to teach them how to bake and sell their own cupcakes, however, the thought of all the mess put me off! So they never got started and hoped maybe they would do it in their teens as a side hustle. 

Sweet Bakers

Fast forward to 2017 when my daughters were 8 and 9 and no intention to bake, I woke up and decided how to teach the girls how to make shortbread. As we were baking, the idea came that the girls should start selling the shortbread to family and friends. The results were instant and we made our first sale that same day! 

After a short period of time, we had our recipe and technique perfected. We have continued to grow since not only in customers but in flavours too! Serving customers nationwide and on occasions to customers in other countries.

The Shortbread Company

Fast forwards...

Within the first year in business, my girls got bored! So I decided to re-launch and change the name and brand. I was worried that people wouldn't like it and forget who we were. But that wasn't the case and our followers accepted and welcomed the change of a luxury shortbread company that makes an absolutely delicious, handmade Shortbread. This change took place in November 2018 with an official launch of our online store.