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Vanilla Ice Cream Day

It’s Vanilla Ice Cream Day on  Friday 23rd! At The Shortbread Company, we think ice cream goes great with our shortbread. Why not try out our Apple Crumble and Shortbread Sundae below?


The Shortbread Company Ice Cream Day Apple crumble sundae 

Apple Crumble & Shortbread Sundae

  •       Crumble up our All Butter shortbread  – you can warm it up in the microwave first!
  •       Scoop some vanilla ice cream on top
  •       Drizzle on some Bramley apple sauce

You can always use our vegan shortbread and vegan ice cream too!

The Shortbread Company Ice Cream Day Apple crumble sundae


Choose your favourite flavour shortbread and get creative with your own sundaes!


Here are some fun facts you might not know about ice cream…


1)      In Victorian England, a scoop of ice cream was known as a ‘penny lick.’ And you didn’t have a wafer either – ice cream was served in a bowl which you returned to the vendor. By 1898, however, this was banned due to the spread of cholera….


2)      The ice cream van is a British invention, made by refrigeration engineer Bryan Whitby in 1962, in Crewe, not far from the West Midlands.


3)      Although we consider vanilla to be the original flavour, honey and nectar was actually the first flavour of ice cream. In Ancient Rome, Alexander the Great is the first recorded source of eating ice cream, though he called it ‘snow and ice’ mixed with honey and nectar.


4)      On average, a person in the UK will eat 9 litres of ice cream in a year. This is nothing compared to the Americans though, who may eat up to a WHOPPING 20 litres of ice cream each per year!


5)    Ever had brain freeze from eating ice cream too fast? There’s science behind it! Brain freeze is caused by your blood vessels tensing up when something cold hits them. If you press your tongue against the top of your mouth, it will help your blood vessels warm up again.

The Shortbread Company Ice Cream Day Apple crumble sundae

Treat yourself to a sundae this week - we can’t wait to hear what combinations you all come up with…

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